de renai releases garage rock album


Guitarist Jason S. and drummer Adib S. has recently announced that he will pursue a two-man project in the vein of Burzum to release a series of lo-fi black metal albums with heavy influences of second-wve black metal. The project is untitled and will see a release mid-April 2016.

debut album will be only guitar album


The entirity of the first album has been fully recorded but we decided to shelve it for both marketting and personal reasons. The 17-trach self-titled album "de renai" album will be released 2017 after release of the demo and the debut album inspired by the demo. This mainly due to changes in sounds. Don't worry, it will be worth the wait. Until then, enjoy black metal EP's with cover art by Gustave Dore! - Jason

de renai switches studios


After 6 months in development hell, 'de renai' has decided to record albums in a garage with low quality mic's and pirated software.

Band Fires Producer


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